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  • Paul Frampton


Updated: Mar 26, 2020

It’s time for a reset. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically, consumer behaviour even more so – are we doing enough to keep up and get ahead of this game? In this new The Time for a Reset Podcast seres, we speak to inspirational chief marketers and entrepreneurs about how they are changing in these tumultuous times.

The first podcast will see Control Vs Exposed (CvE) European president Paul Frampton interrogate Ice Lolly’s chief marketing officer Simon Lloyd on what he wants to hit reset on in marketing.

Lloyd joined Ice Lolly in December 2019, having previously worked in senior marketing roles at the BBC, AXA, Virgin Atlantic and fintech startup Auden.

They discuss the differences between the marketing model in a big organisation versus an early stage business. They talk about the importance of the CMO leading cross discipline collaboration and bridging the strategic gap between sales, technology and customer experience. Paul and Simon also touch on Lloyd’s time at Virgin Atlantic as CMO in 2012 – and how both marketing and the travel industry have dramatically changed in a few short years.

The podcast series aims to shine a light on marketing’s role as a driver of growth and the importance of marketing around the board table. It will explore how data and technology are changing the marketing discipline and how to best leverage to deliver sustainable customer acquisition and seamless customer experience. It will also dig in to concerns over a muddied supply chain, brand safety and transparency and give practical advice and examples on how marketing can help build businesses in both the short and long term.

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